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Be a Leader; Not a Micromanager

So many shop owners suffer from a killer management mistake: micromanaging.  You don’t typically realize you are doing it until the damage is done. So let’s break it down. Micromanaging is a style of management where you, the shop owner…

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Crushing Owner Fears

When I think back to when Tony and I opened our shop in 1999, There were the obvious things we knew we had to do to be successful. We had to be committed to our business and we were willing…


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ASA is leading the way with their mobile App. To download, go to either store and search for “ASA Engage”: App Store (iPhone) - Google Play (Android) - Or for even easier access, point your smartphone’s camera to this QR code:…

Could it happen to you?

Federated Insurance’s Claim of the Month. A dealership mechanic took a customer’s vehicle home after work to confirm that the vehicle was in good working order, and that repairs were completed properly. That evening, he drove the vehicle to a…

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