The Best of the Best

Unrivaled! Unprecedented! And all under one roof! This year’s NACE | CARS event promises to be the one show you can’t miss.

We predict sunny days ahead for the automotive service and collision repair industry. That’s why we strongly recommend that you attend this year’s NACE | CARS Expo & Conference, which is guaranteed to help you shape the future of your business.

Attendance ensures that you’ll learn how to control your own destiny in a crazy marketplace of innovation, defined by unrelenting changes in technology and the evolving purchasing habits of modern consumers. As Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE famously put it, you either control your own destiny or “someone else will.”
Don’t let that happen to you! This year’s show, Aug. 9-13 in Anaheim, Calif., promises to be the best ever, with the largest number of OEs and the largest amount of OE training to be found anywhere in the United States.

“The industry is ever-changing and the car manufacturers are driving it through their advancements in technology and certification. As a result, their presence in the show parallels their presence in the industry,” says Dan Risley, president and executive director of the Automotive Service Association (ASA). “We are excited to offer OE training that will establish a new precedent in the industry. There is no other show in this country offering the amount of OE training that we are showcasing – all under one roof!”

NACE, for example, will offer the most comprehensive free OEM training in the country, featuring a record-breaking nine OEs offering collision training in classes provided by GM on the new Cadillac CT6, Ford on the all-aluminum F-150, Chrysler on the new Pacifica and Audi on the new Q7.

Mazda’s training program will focus on its latest I-ACTIVSENSE technology and Nissan and Honda on their new certification programs. In addition, Toyota will offer a session on finding the training, information and procedures necessary to repair their vehicles, while BMW will present its instruction through their alliance with I-CAR.

Don’t miss getting a hands-on, first look at the 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty. You can even climb inside for a ride-and-drive demonstration, designed to show off the truck’s strength and capabilities. And that’s before it hits dealers’ showrooms! According to Risley, “It’s something brand new to the show, and we think it’s an awesome addition.”

And check out the newly added panel discussion, hosted by ASA and moderated by Mike Anderson, owner of CollisionAdvice Consulting. The session will feature car manufacturer representatives and industry leaders in a discussion centered on the need to scan all vehicles involved in a collision – pre- and post-accident.

Panel members are expected to provide real-world examples of vehicles that required pre- and post-accident scanning to ensure the vehicle was restored to “pre” accident condition.
Other highlights include AMi “Graduate School” sessions hosted by automotive management specialist Maylan Newton, CEO of ESi; service repair classes by the likes of Bogi Lateiner, Amy Mattinat and Valerie Sullivan and her team; and a panel presentation of “What’s Happening at ASA” by Chairman Donny Seyfer, Vice President Tony Molla and our man in D.C., Robert L. Redding Jr.

Additional upgraded programs from years past include the popular MSO Symposium, the cutting-edge Technology & Telematics Forum and the comprehensive Service Repair Leadership Forum.
More than ever, you need to be “in the know.” You’ll find solutions to the challenges you face at the 2016 NACE | CARS Expo & Conference. To learn more details about the show, check out every page of this AutoInc. special section that tells you what’s happening, where it’s happening and why you need to be there. – John Clark

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