Massive Michigan garage allows people to ‘do-it-yourself’

By  / Detroit Free Press

My Mechanics Place owner Jay Rabaut poses for a photo in the DIY garage in Livonia, Thursday, April 11, 2019. (Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press)

LIVONIA, Michigan — Detroit resident Patrick Denny shimmies out from under his jacked-up 2006 black Ford Focus sedan. His hands are covered in grease. Rented tools are splayed out on the concrete floor around him.

Denny, 24, has replaced brakes before, but he now faces a new challenge: Replace the shocks and the trailing arm bushing in the suspension. He grins when acknowledging he’s paying to fix his own car, knowing he’ll end up saving a lot.

“It can be a pain to do it yourself, but it’s worth it to save $1,500 to $2,000,” Denny said.

Denny is a regular customer at My Mechanics Place in Livonia, a massive garage on Plymouth Road with 22 service bays, a paint booth, a machine shop and U-Haul distribution. To rent a bay with a lift costs $25 an hour; one without a lift is $12. People can rent tools, too.


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Special thanks to writer Jamie L. LaReau and the Detroit Free Press for sharing this story with AutoInc.)