Tech Tips (by ALLDATA): Ford Crown Vic won’t shift out of park

2008fordcrown VictoriaTECH TIPS (courtesy of ALLDATA)

Vehicle:  2008 Ford Crown Victoria, V8-4.6L, Flex Fuel, Automatic Transmission/Transaxle

Mileage: 192,446

Problem: The vehicle was towed into the shop because the transmission could not be shifted out of Park.

Case Details: The technician found the following diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs):

  • P0705 Transmission Range Sensor A Circuit (PRNDL) Input
  • P1702 Digital Transmission Range Circuit Failure.

The technician cleared the codes, but they returned at the very next cycle of the ignition key. He decided to replace the digital transmission range sensor, but that did not fix the problem.

An ALLDATA Tech-Assist consultant suggested that the technician use scan tool live data to monitor the digital transmission range sensor reading. The technician reported that Park and Reverse kept alternating in the scan tool data, even though the shift lever was stationary.

The Tech-Assist consultant then recommended checking for a wiring issue between the PCM connector C175T, terminal 28 (white/black) and the digital transmission range sensor (terminal #6). He also mentioned that it was a good idea to look under the master cylinder because they have received many reports of master cylinder brackets cutting into and breaking the harness wires.

After a close inspection, the technician found that several wires in the harness near the brake master cylinder had indeed been broken.

Confirmed Repair: The technician made the necessary repairs to the wires. After the repairs, the technician could once again shift the transmission through its full range of gear positions. Problem solved!