Audio Interview with Mark Gentile

For four generations, Gentile's Collision in Shelby Township, Mich. has survived and thrived. Hear how a Michigan family has built an incredibly strong business by creating lasting relationships with customers.

Audio Interview with Vinnie & Anthony Lucido

Brothers Vinnie and Anthony Lucido have expertly balanced overwhelming success in their Reno, Nev. shop with being heavily involved in their community. Hear the Lucido brothers talk about how their sometimes bold decisions have paved the way.

Audio Interview with Elissa Larremore

For Elissa Larremore, her business success is summed up in one word: Persistence. Her persistence has paid off as her three shops in Shreveport and Bossier City, La. are excelling. Hear Larremore talk about what she's learned and how her hard work is paying off.

Audio Interview with Jerry Vazquez

This current edition of AutoInc. Audio features a shop owner who has the answers to making a business successful: hard work, training and a passion for working on cars. As a 13-year member of ASA, Gerardo “Jerry” Vazquez, owner of B&B Auto Repair in Schaumberg, Ill., tells listeners how he learned the value of facing challenges head-on to build a business that would support his family. Jerry also talks about the challenges the industry faces and how ASA provides the problem-solving technical and peer input he needs to know how to invest efficiently in the future.

Audio Interview with Debbie and Gerry Vicario

Debbie and Gerry Vicario know a thing or two about “turning the thing around.” The co-owners of One Stop Auto Care Inc. in Los Angeles once considered shutting down the business. Then, they started working on it instead of in it. How did they make it work? Find out in the latest edition of AutoInc. Audio, the ASA podcast that features members offering their experiences at making shops run profitably and efficiently. In their chat with Carm Capriotto of Remarkable Results Radio, Debbie and Gerry reveal how they’ve created a fun, comfortable shop culture, how they approach hiring techs that fit in, how treating others like they want to be treated helps retain customers and employees and how belonging to ASA contributes to their success. It’s another enlightening conversation from AutoInc. Audio!

Audio Interview with Darrin Barney

Learn the value of making every customer a “good friend” in this installment of AutoInc. Audio, based on the Member Profile in the January-February issue. Darrin Barney, co-owner Barney Brothers Off Road and Repair in Grand Junction, Colo., explains how you can do it, as well as offers tips for dealing with family in a family business; what he’s learned about introducing his kids to the business (“If you don’t teach your children, the world will”); the advantages of showing, instead of telling, your customers about their vehicles; and how you can succeed in this knowledge-based world. Don’t miss it!

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