Get Out and Learn

It’s hard to believe it has been 64 years since a visionary group of independent shop owners founded the Automotive Service Association. We’ve seen a lot of change within our industry over the past six decades, and that pace of change is increasing.

Anyone involved in the automotive service and collision repair business knows the importance of keeping up with the latest technology, and ASA is proud to continue its role in helping deliver timely and important information to ensure we know what we don’t know.

A big part of that training delivery process has been the NACE | CARS Expo and Conference. I want to fill you in on how we’re changing what we do and how we do it to keep you ahead of the curve while promoting the unity we need to advance our industry in the 21st century.

You may be aware that starting in 2016, NACE | CARS is going on the road. After two successful years in Detroit, we’re heading for Anaheim, Calif., to bring you the latest in automotive training and technology. We’re reinventing NACE | CARS as a more accessible and convenient event, while keeping in mind the demands of managing and growing a thriving business.

The new format has been well received by the industry and the companies that exhibit and support you through their involvement. We plan to deliver – at the Expo in Orlando, Fla. in 2017 – the knowledge you need.

From the Technology and Telematics Forum, the Service and Repair Leadership Forum and the MSO Symposium, you’ll learn what you need to thrive and grow your business, along with training and information unique to your needs. As an event crafted with the help of our volunteer ASA leadership (shop owners and managers like you), it’s by and for the industry. And there’s more.

ASA is also launching a new series of regional training events to provide even more opportunity for the knowledge to come to you. You’ll be hearing more about this in the months to come. But for now, mark your calendar to attend NACE | CARS in Anaheim Aug. 9-13 next year and save a spot for Orlando in 2017.

As I’ve often said, the best way to fail in business is to never get out of your business. You need to get out and learn. Change never stops, and eventually it reaches your bays. Business is not getting easier and the vehicles we service are getting more complex – fast! ASA created NACE | CARS to provide an event that’s focused on giving you the tools you need to run your business better, faster and easier. But to take advantage of everything this event has to offer, you need to be there and bring your management team.

ASA will be working hard to get the word out about the value, content and networking opportunities we’ll be offering through NACE | CARS and our new regional training events. This is important stuff that you need to know and can’t get anywhere else. Don’t let the only part missing be you.