Confidence Building

Time to get refocused on the issue of relationship productivity & build consumer trust in your services.

“They” say new car dealers are feeling aggressive and confident.

Car dealerships are also looking at aggressive methods to keep the purchasers of their used cars in their bays.

Dealerships want the lucrative aftermarket business, they are going after it, and they will try to do it at the independent’s expense.

You know, many dealerships are even offering customers who purchase a used car from them, a lifetime free oil change and lubrication if the purchaser owns the car and gets their maintenance work done at the dealership.

Such methods of marketing imply a clear challenge to the independent sector.

Or do they?

Do you know to whom you are selling to? Do you run your business based on price, which attracts price-conscious customers, or are you truly focused on service and quality that develops long-term clients? How do you communicate to your clients the value that you offer over the real competition? Have you defined your value in writing?

Slow down the front counter process and reassure the client of the confidence level the client placed in you in the first place.

You are in the relationship business!

Remember that your business will increase in direct proportion to the quality of the relationship you develop with each client.

Remember to inform and educate. Point out the benefits to the client of ongoing preventative maintenance that’s tailored to their specific situation and needs. We call this “Service on Need.”

Print out the maintenance schedule that applies to their specific vehicle and counsel the client based on their driving habits. That assessment should include mileage and type of driving and whether their travels are in the city, on the highway or off road. Also weigh-in the client’s expectations with the particular vehicle.

And remember to address the fact that your counsel will allow the client to receive the best return on their investment.

Great deal of value

The independent shop has a great deal of value to offer the many potential clients who are looking for someone to trust.

However, the question must be asked, “Are you failing to stand out in your marketplace – with confidence – and let your clients and your potential clients know? Or do you assume they know what value you bring to their vehicles?

It is your responsibility to make sure your clients remain informed about what you can offer them, and the many benefits of dealing with you as opposed to the OE dealership.

Don’t express yourself as if you are selling something. Instead, educate and counsel the clients on how you can manage their vehicle’s maintenance for safety, reliability and efficiency.

This will lead to benefits that exceed their expectations, and they will come to the conclusion that you are competent and worthy to receive all of their business.