Redefining Diagnostics

New systems require new tools. But how can you determine the level of collision repair technology you need – before you invest in the necessary technology? Every industry needs to prepare for its next generation of employees, which, ideally, continually flows in. The collision repair industry currently faces an aging population in several ways. Not […]

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Civic Improvements

How Honda’s new steels and safety systems will impact collision repairs. The 2016 Honda Civic, available since November 2015, was recently named 2016 Car of the Year. According to Colum Wood, AutoGuide group editorial director, “A car that’s this good, with Honda’s reputation for quality, reliability and durability, just doesn’t come along every day.” […]

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Passing the Torch

As aluminum gains on steel in auto-body structure, these 10 tips will transform you into a shop superhero for the brave new world of welding. No spoiler alert here: Aluminum is the auto industry’s new super metal. Its strength is exceptional for a lightweight metal, and its flexibility in usage for vehicle bodies, structural components, […]

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