ASA Podcast (Episode 87): Advanced vehicles require advanced repair procedures

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS,  Texas Today’s vehicles are marvels of modern technology.  From computer-controlled engine management to Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), even the most average car or light truck is a rolling computer network.

Making sure all of these systems are working properly after a collision requires advanced equipment and highly-trained technicians, along with a new list of standard repair procedures to ensure a safe and complete repair.

The investment in equipment and training alone is significant for collision repair facilities, and it’s reasonable to conclude that there must be a return on that investment to allow the business to continue investing in the people and equipment necessary to keep up with advancing vehicle technology.

In this episode, ASA Collision Director Mike LeVasseur explains the work done by the ASA Collision Operations Committee in cooperation with other industry associations to help educate shops and insurance companies on the necessity of properly compensating shops performing pre and post-repair vehicle scans.

LISTEN NOW: Episode 87 – ASA Podcast Series

Mike Levasseur Podcast

Mike LeVasseur

Listen in as Mike discusses:

  • Why ADAS-equipped vehicles need to be scanned for trouble codes as part of the estimating process for determining the true extent of collision damage.
  • The process the ASA Collision Operations Committee (COC) used to identify the issues surrounding vehicle scanning.
  • How the COC reached out to the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) and Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP) to work together as an industry to help find a solution to the compensation question.
  • What the insurance providers need to know about how repair procedures are changing in the face of advancing vehicle technology.
  • Why the recent ASA Position Statement on Vehicle Scanning is a great example of industry cooperation for the benefit of all collision repair shops nationwide.

Tony Molla, ASA’s vice president of industry relations, hosts Episode 87 of the ASA Podcast series.