24th Annual Software Guide, Part II

AutoInc.’s 24th Annual Shop Management Software Guide gives an overview of the shop management software systems on the market today and which features they offer. This year, 21 mechanical software companies and five collision companies participated in the survey.

The survey was distributed by email to various shop management software companies in the automotive service industry. There are two versions of the survey – one for mechanical software providers and one for collision.

Software companies are listed alphabetically at the top of the page, along with the name of each company’s product. The left column lists features that might be included in a typical automotive management software system. Check marks (✔) indicate which products contain those features, based on each company’s survey response. Due to space restrictions, the printed Software Guide only contains a partial list of the features included in AutoInc.’s Shop Management Software Survey.

Click here to download the Collision Software Charts.
Click here to download the Mechanical Software Charts.