Tech Tips (by ALLDATA): 2003 Camry with A/C problems

TECH TIPS (courtesy of ALLDATA)

Vehicle: 2003 Toyota Camry Sedan, V6-3.0L (1MZ-FE), Automatic Transaxle

Mileage: 199,996

Problem: The customer brought this vehicle to the shop because the climate-controlled air conditioning (A/C) wasn’t working.

Details: The shop determined that the A/C compressor was bad and replaced it. After replacing the compressor, the A/C system had another issue. The green A/C light would begin flashing soon after activating the A/C system. The technician connected a scan tool and found that the ECU was recognizing a request to engage the compressor clutch, but the clutch never engaged. At this point, the technician called Tech-Assist for advice.

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The Tech-Assist consultant listened to the symptoms and what had already been done to the vehicle. He remembered a similar case he had worked a short time ago. He advised the technician that it’s common for the A/C relay in those vehicles to cause the same symptoms.

Confirmed Repair: The technician replaced the A/C relay and the compressor began working as designed. Fixed!