Scan Tool Review: Euro Wrap-Up

European scan tools

Shops that sell themselves as all-makes shops will most likely work on the makes listed below on occasion. Knowing the correct tool may be invaluable to getting yourself out of a jamb!

In alphabetical order, here is a list of scan tools for most of the Euro vehicles imported in the United States:

• Aston Martin: AMDS scan tool available with subscription through Aston Martin:

• Bentley: The No. WT 10034-5 for OBD-I models and early OBD-II. It was replaced by the VAS 5052, which covered 1996-2010 models (approximately). In 2011, the VAS 6150 replaced the VAS 5052 and remains the current tool for this high-end luxury line. Service information and subscriptions can be bought at

• Ferrari: The correct lineage of scan tools for Ferrari is SD1/SD2/ SD3/SD4. However, Ferrari does not support the independent repair sector with an OEM solution. Instead, they recommend using an OBD-II generic scan tool. Though they do not support OEM diagnostics, information and subscriptions can be found at

• Jaguar: WDS covered model years from 1996-2006. IDS covered 1996-current model year. Service
information can be sourced at Key codes are available by emailing requests to:

• Lamborghini: The Lamborghini tool is called LDAS-32 & LARAS CF System and covers all models from 1996 to 2013+. Service information can be acquired by clicking on

• Lotus: Lotus’ early tool was Scan III. It was replaced by the Lotus Techcentre diagnostic computer kit and is now available to the independent workshop. Continental Automotive Systems offers this kit through Ohio Diagnostics LLC. This kit provides the exact systems coverage and functionality that authorized dealers use when performing diagnosis and maintenance on the Lotus Esprit V8, Elise, Exige, 2-Eleven and Evora. Available through Ohio Diagnostics:

• Land Rover: Uses the T4 Diagnostic system, which incorporates the RAVE information system with a Hand-Held Tester (laptop) and a roll-around docking station. Subscription information can be located at

• Maserati: Like Ferrari, the SD1/ SD2/SD3/SD4 lineage of tools represent the OEM diagnostic solution. Unlike Ferrari, Maserati does sell and support OEM scan tools to the independent repairer from this site:

• Porsche: Early OBD-I type Porsche used either the 9268 or the 9288/KTS300. Early OBD-II used the PST2 for a time, but now all OBD-II Porsches are supported with the PIWIS. Service information can be located at PAGInfosystem/VFModuleManager? Type=GVOStart.

• SAAB: The tools used on the now discontinued car line were the Tech2 and ISAT. Currently, key codes and programming information can be acquired at, but it is hard to say for how much longer support for SAAB will stay in existence.

• Volvo: Volvo has had its share of scan tools over the years. Legacy tools include VTS multi tester, VTC2000 and DICE. The current tool is VIDA. Service information and subscription inquiries should be made at

• AutoLogic: You are hard pressed to have a conversation about diagnosing European cars and not have the AutoLogic scan tool system come up. Though it is not a true OEM tool, it is specifically designed to function like the OEM tools used by the manufacturer dealers. The AutoLogic System provides data stream, reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes, and component activation, among many other features like immobilizer key coding, module replacement (including programming and coding) and even performance tuning.

The AutoLogic System also includes Master Tech assistance (in real time), while the shop is working on the vehicle. A shop can own the AutoLogic System for as little as $260/month and have access to all the software applications they support on demand (BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, VW/Audi, Porsche, Volvo and Rolls Royce), which makes this a relatively inexpensive aftermarket solution and possibly the ideal Euro software solution for the facility that does not do Euro full time. More information can be found at

A special thank-you to Paul Schwager of Ohio Diagnostics and George Atkins of AutoLogic for offering information on their company’s tools.