Report: ‘Trillion-Dollar Electric Vehicle Boom’ isn’t just about cars

LONDON, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Morgan Stanley recently raised their rating on Tesla for the first time in 3 years.

Two weeks later and the stock has already smashed through their $540 price point, and it’s still climbing.

But the real news here isn’t about Tesla, or even about EVs…

… It’s much, much bigger than that.

Mentioned in today’s commentary includes:  Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: APPL), BlackRock (NYSE: BLK), Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL), Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB).

What it means is this: It’s not about EVs anymore …It’s about tech, software, services, and limitless verticals.

It’s about an entire EV ecosystem.

“Tesla is on the verge of a profound model shift from selling cars to generating high margin, recurring software, and services revenue … To only value Tesla on car sales alone ignores the multiple businesses embedded within the company,” Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas wrote in a note to investors.

Just like $7-billion asset manager Blackrock got the sustainable investing megatrend before anyone else, crowning it the new king of Wall Street. Morgan Stanley gets the profoundly profitable future of the EV ‘ecosystem’.  And there’s one EV tie-in stock out there right now that has a similar multiple businesses platform … aiming for the upside of Tesla before Elon Musk defied the skeptics and proved everyone wrong, 1,000 times over.

The company is Facedrive (FD.V) , (FDVRF) and it’s already got tie-ins to household names like utility giant Exelon, and more. It’s on an upward trajectory because it ticks every single box for most investors right now:

  • It’s got multiple verticals
  • It’s entirely tech-driven
  • It has a tie-in to a series of multi-billion-dollar industries
  • It boasts an entire ecosystem of “sustainable” services to attract the billions in “ESG” money that’s desperately looking for someplace to park itself

Future Profit Is About Platforms, Not Products

Apple (NASDAQ: APPL) isn’t just about the iPhone. It’s about services. That’s already becoming crystal clear in its profit picture. And where all future growth comes from. Tesla, as Morgan Stanley has bet the bank, isn’t just about EVs. It’s about batteries, energy storage, solar, and more. And while you can catch your first-ever carbon-offset ride with Facedrive (FD.V) (FDVRF)  … this isn’t a ride-hailing company.

It’s a tech ecosystem with 6 tech-driven, ESG-focused verticals that all have fantastic growth potential. It’s carbon-offset ride-hailing, food delivery, and pharma deliveries. It’s accessible EV car subscriptions that plan to revolutionize the private transportation industry and change the way we feel about car ownership.

It’s stand-alone COVID-19 contact tracing technology and wearables, which have already earned it a pilot deal with Air Canada. It’s tech-driven social distancing solutions that allow for connectivity at a critical time, which is why Facedrive’s newly launched HiQ app has already hit over 2 million downloads. It’s even tech-driven stay-at-home Tally Technology that gets fans re-engaged in Major League Sports … and could help Major League Sports, including the NFL, NBA and NHL find new paths to revenue. It’s a tech-driven, sustainable way of life.

Tons of Momentum to Grab Onto

This company has been nailing acquisition after acquisition as it builds out its six tech-driven divisions … all of them playing to the tune of the massive sustainable investing megatrend that giants like Blackrock are looking for. The news flow, as you can imagine with a company with this many different tech divisions, is incredibly fast and impactful.

On November 19th, Facedrive announced a collaboration with Microsoft Azure for TraceScan contact-tracing.  On November 3rd, launched its Facedrive Foods Mobile App, integrating its recently acquired FoodHwy and Foodora (acquired from giant Delivery Hero) assets, and it’s now opening the floodgates for contactless food delivery via an app available on iOS and Android. On October 20th, Facedrive’s HiQ App hit 2 million downloads and made a move towards further expansion by partnering with Tally Technology to combine free-to-play sports predictions with the social distancing platform. The first stop for the combo–backed by Superbowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson–will be the widely viewed Indian Premier League Cricket tournament with an Asian market of nearly 40 million viewers. On October 15th, Facedrive was approved to trade on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to support its expansion plans into the United States and Europe. That move followed Facedrive’s launch of trading on October 8th on the OTCQX. On October 7th, Air Canada signed a deal with Facedrive (FD.V), (FDVRF)  to launch a pilot project for its employees using proprietary TraceSCAN technology.

Air Canada isn’t the only major player taking the TraceSCAN plunge. The Government of Ontario lent its support to TraceSCAN back in July because it’s the only feasible technology that will get masses of government employees back to work without spreading COVID-19. And now, talks with other airlines are in motion because the industry is facing more than $84 billion in losses … so, the news flow is expected to be fast and momentous. And in one of its biggest moves yet, on September 8th, Facedrive acquired Washington, D.C.-based Steer from energy giant Exelon (NASDAQ:EXC)–a deal that also came along with a $2-million strategic investment by energy giant Exelon’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Exelorate Enterprises, LLC.

The three plan to challenge the transportation industry with a seamless EV car subscription service that could be the harbinger of a major disruption. Steer intends to revolutionize transportation by letting people get into EVs without breaking the bank, and by upending the conventional notion of car ownership. This acquisition isn’t just a potential boom for Facedrive … it’s positioned to boost EV ownership in general and stands to be a high-growth vertical.

This is a Platform with limitless potential … and exactly everything that today’s Big Money is looking for: It’s driven by state-of-the-art technology, pushing multiple platforms for maximum impact and fast-paced growth … and it’s already got tie-ins to some of the biggest household names on the continent.

With its feet now firmly planted in the United States and a major expansion push heading for Europe, this Canadian “Silicon Valley” company is already showing some major potential upside, and the next big news is expected to be coming soon.