Industry experts return to kickoff MSO Symposium’s 8th Annual Event in Las Vegas

Multi-Shop Operator executives and a diverse group of industry experts who serve on the MSO Symposium advisory board unanimously voted for the return of two highly-acclaimed presenters, Susanna Gotsch of CCC Information Services and Vincent Romans of The Romans Group.

Vincent Romans will take the stage in Las Vegas at 12:30 PM, on Monday, Nov. 4th following the MSO Symposium networking lunch, exclusively available for event attendees and program sponsors.

His organization, The Romans Group, has provided business, market, financial, and strategic development advisory services to the collision repair industry for over four decades. He is once again prepared to share an insightful macro-level view of the collision repair industry and what the future holds for those that operate within it. His perspective is unique and something that industry executives
will not want to miss.

“The relevant total addressable market, TAM, for the collision repair industry continues to trend upward!” Romans said. “It’s a future with growth opportunities, for those who are prepared to commit the resources, to build organizational scale across all functional areas involving the end-to-end repair process.”



Continuing, he said “the four consolidating multiple location operator segments ranging from $10M in annual revenue and above, per individual operator and MSO, will grow their market share from almost 39% in 2018 to 53% by 2023. That leaves a lot of runway of growth opportunity for other repairers representing the remaining 47% of the TAM.”

Following Romans, Susanna Gotsch, veteran Industry Analyst of CCC Information Services will share the most recent observations on collision repair data and its effective trends.

Coupled with her experience, her insight takes into account the effects of demographics, new vehicle technologies, environmental and economic factors, among several other influences. At the 2019 MSO Symposium her perspective will take an encompassing look at how advanced materials and new vehicle technology are changing the industry and influencing consumers.

Supplementing these returning presentations is a diverse list of highly-influential industry topics up for discussion.

Attendees can expect to gain insightful knowledge on matters concerning FNOL, evolution of Dealership MSOs, the future of DRP and OEM certification programs, ride sharing expansion, photo estimating and the changing demands of the vehicle owner.

If interested in registering for the 2019 event, please be advised that attendance is limited and you must qualify to attend.

Qualification standards are met by insurers, OEMs, multi-shops operators, and single location repair facilities with revenue exceeding $3 million in annual sales. The only exception is the limited number of supporting sponsors that help make the event possible. More information can be found at:

For questions about registration, or if you are looking for sponsorship information please contact Jennie Lenk at or Brian Nessen at