Help Wanted, Seeking Leaders to Serve

Help Wanted, Seeking Leaders to Serve

Winston Churchill said, “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”

Within ASA we have many great volunteers who give of themselves for others. And we need more. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated board of directors who have been relentless in making positive changes within the organization. They’ve successfully attacked and addressed some challenging issues within ASA as well as the industry. We’ve addressed budgetary concerns to ensure the long-term growth of the association. Nine months ago we announced a new executive director, and we’ve also updated our bylaws. We’re even making changes to our annual trade show events, moving CARS and NACE to July, and working with a new management company to produce it. Thankfully we have people who are determined to do the right thing for our members and the industry.

Leadership, perseverance and commitment typify our board and the individuals we seek to lead us in the future. The association is on the right path to lead to even greater value to our members and the industry, while remaining sustainable, flexible, proactive and professional.

I understand the first natural reactions when we are asked to volunteer for service. Thoughts of time obligation issues and unreasonable commitments race through one’s mind. Concerns over the unknown in terms of expectations, obligation and responsibility. Pangs of guilt for understanding the need to “give back,” but being reluctant for scores of reasons. And isn’t guilt just the gift that keeps on giving?!

These are all valid and natural reactions. Yet we need to also contemplate the positives. I know from personal experience that one should not volunteer to gain position, recognition, stature, business relationships or other forms of compensation. Instead, one should volunteer with the goal of serving others and thus improving their situation. That type of approach is most likely to succeed and provides the greatest gratification for others. More often than not you are rewarded in the ways I mention and more, but consider it the “frosting on the cake.”

I am sure if you ask any of our board members they will be quick to point out the relationships and knowledge gained through their volunteer efforts. Yet, even more powerful, I am sure they all feel an inner sense of satisfaction knowing they have contributed for the good of others. Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

I am asking you to consider volunteering for service in our association. In can be in a small and simple way or within a role of greater commitment. It could be on a local level or national. At the national level we have both mechanical and collision operation committees that typically need new volunteers each year. Each has subcommittees that come with a minimal commitment. Contact me or any board member to find out more and to discuss a role that could be suited for you.

Featured in this issue is ASA’s annual “How’s Your Business?” report providing insight as to what is going on with your fellow ASA members – one of the many resources our association provides. We also have a management article on “5 Reasons Customers Are Choosing Your Competitors.” Wow, I can feel my guilt kicking in for not performing better. I know I will read it to get some constructive criticism and ideas for improvement. Isn’t it great that someone else is putting together such information to help me and my business improve? It kind of makes me feel like reciprocating in some way to help others. Please join me by volunteering for such good work for our association.