No Crank Without Brake Switch

Starting in 2007 with the Altima, Nissan incorporated an Intelligent Key system with a push button ignition switch. The Intelligent Key (key fob) just needs to be near or inside the vehicle for the doors to unlock (by depressing a button on the driver’s door handle) and to start the engine (by depressing the push button ignition switch).

It’s important to note that the brake pedal must be depressed when attempting to start the engine or the starter will not engage and crank the engine. Upon entering the vehicle, look at the display in the combination meter (instrument cluster) of a foot and a brake pedal, indicating that the brake pedal needs to be depressed. If the display of the foot and brake pedal remains illuminated even though the brake pedal is depressed, the engine will not be allowed to crank when the push button ignition switch is depressed.

Do a quick check to see if the brake lights work when depressing the brake pedal. If they do not turn on, check the connection at the stop lamp switch and verify that the stop lamp switch is mounted correctly and in place.

The stop lamp switch is located at the brake pedal. If the stop lamp switch has a good connection and is properly mounted, back probe and check for good, constant battery voltage to the stop lamp switch on the red wire. Battery voltage supply on the red wire comes from 10 amp fuse No. 7 in the under-dash fuse box. Then back probe and check for good battery voltage out of the stop lamp switch on the light green wire when the brake pedal is depressed. Stop lamp switch failure is common. Replace the stop lamp switch as necessary. Please contact us if you have any questions.