ASA Podcast (Episode 57): Talking Technology with KUKUI

Jimmy Lea has the title Product Evangelist at KUKUI Corporation, an ASA Sponsored Benefit Provider and technology partner with many ASA members.

We caught up with Jimmy to find out how KUKUI is helping ASA members through the current pandemic, and to get a corporate perspective on how it will change our industry forever. Hear all about it as Jimmy talks about how KUKUI is helping shop owners reach higher levels of success.

LISTEN NOW: Episode 57 – ASA Podcast Series

Jimmy Lea

Jimmy Lea

Listen in as Jimmy provides an overview on:

  • KUKUI’s pivot to virtual conferences and the surprising reach they have.
  • How the value proposition has increased for virtual training.
  • How hybrid live and virtual conferences will be the norm going forward.
  • Why spreading knowledge is elevating the entire industry.
  • How information technology will drive the automotive service industry now and in the future.
  • Why text marketing is the preferred method of communication and how to use it properly. Will texting replace email?
  • Customers want to know their vehicle—give them what they want!
  • What technology tools shop owners are using and the importance of videos in building customer relationships.
  • Using video to attract and recruit technical talent in your shop.
  • How some shops are growing and adding locations in the crisis.
  • New leadership and a new vision for the future at KUKUI.

Tony Molla

Tony Molla, ASA’s vice president of industry relations, hosts Episode 57 of the ASA Podcast series.