ASA ‘Garage Challenge’ Video Series with Frank Leutz: Part Delays

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas — ASA is partnering with an auto repair industry leader and social media influencer @urmechanic to produce a series of videos aimed at building an online dialogue to help business owners solve everyday challenges in their shops.

The online “Garage Challenge” videos, hosted by Arizona shop owner Frank Leutz, will be produced twice a month. This is the fourth video in the “Garage Challenge” series.

1ST IN SERIES:  Have clutter in your shop?

2ND IN SERIES: How do you retain talent?

3RD IN SERIES: How are you attracting the right client?

4TH IN SERIES: Part Delays

‘Part Delays’ Summary (by Frank Leutz): Running an automotive service facility can be somewhat like conducting an orchestra. Everything sounds really great, until one musician (auto part in this case) – is off key and that tune goes completely South. Automotive & vehicle part surprises, by way of special order, or really difficult to source situations can wreak havoc for your clients who expect timely vehicle service.

With the increased delay of vehicle repairs from parts that are now on a journey from a long distance far away land, how are you creating an environment of convenience for your client as they are now left with the potential of no transportation?