ASA ‘Garage Challenge’ Video Series with Frank Leutz: Frustrated with Video?

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas — ASA is partnering with an auto repair industry leader and social media influencer @urmechanic to produce a series of videos aimed at building an online dialogue to help business owners solve everyday challenges in their shops.

The online “Garage Challenge” videos, hosted by Arizona shop owner Frank Leutz, will be produced twice a month. This is the fifth video in the “Garage Challenge” series.

1ST IN SERIES:  Have clutter in your shop?

2ND IN SERIES: How do you retain talent?

3RD IN SERIES: How are you attracting the right client?

4TH IN SERIES: Part Delays

5TH IN SERIES: Why Video Has You Frustrated

Why Video Has You Frustrated’ Summary’ (by Frank Leutz):

Video messaging is currently the soup du jour for just about every social media platform, of course, originating from one of the original platforms – the GOOGLE giant -YouTube.

In a world of marketing noise and confusion, it can be overwhelming to plan and execute a video , while sitting back for results, which, let’s face it – is a quality client lead for your service operations that you have an opportunity to groom in to a blossoming loyal relationship for the long haul.

YouTube Rockstar You Are Not.

Between the slime videos that some of our pre-teens are hooked to at the moment, or the Kim Kardashian – Kanye West hootenannies, it seems if your not entertaining, or attempting the latest viral sensation of oddity, your volume of likes, and views has been dismal or next to nil.

The end is near, as you are ready to quit and decide this all makes no sense.

MINDSET change is in order here – as there are truly opportunities to flourish with your video production, no matter how small or imperfect.

In fact short, sweet and imperfect is youThe human experience of your why and the story of your service center, ever so produced in an imperfect manner — is truly critical. 

Forget the Expert and Do You.

Crafting out a simple and consistent message of what is actually cooking in your garage is what can make the difference at the end of the day with engagement.

No one really wants to hear about how much of an expert ,or your god like credibility actually is — it is quite frankly alienating, and has no relative identity to your audience.

Now, please do, remain professional, but remember to tell the story of your business with both the sincere conflict, and resolutions of the very people and culture of your service operation.

Repurpose these stories in your email database and website, and you are on your way to converting trust and key relationships in to your service bays, as you share the you.

Remember why you opened your service business, and never forget that exceptional story.

Good ,bad or ugly – the humility & sincerity is what today’s consumers truly want to engage with and never forget that the “People want the Peoples.”

Trust in that journey.