3 reasons why collision shop owners outsource alignment

... And what it's costing them!

From Chief Automotive

When collision repair shop owners outsource wheel alignment to another shop, it can put their reputation, cycle times and profit margins at risk.

So why aren’t more bringing it in-house?

Chief surveyed collision repair shop owners to find out just how much outsourcing impacts their business and why they’re resistant to doing alignments themselves.

Here’s what they found:

58% of collision shop owners say they outsource alignment

Why? There were 3 main reasons keeping shop owners from bringing alignment in-house.

  • Reason #1: 32% say there’s not enough demand.
    • While up to half of cars end up needing an alignment, shops aren’t always checking each vehicle for the opportunity to upsell alignment work. Only 31% of shop owners check every vehicle, which is a missed opportunity.
  • Reason #2: 54% say equipment is too expensive.
    • When you invest in the equipment to perform alignments in-house, you get to keep significantly more profit to offset the cost of your investment over time.


  • Reason #3: 57% say they don’t have the space for a dedicated alignment bay.
    • Consider a tower-free design, some alignment equipment is portable and can be configured to work within the shop’s existing space.

And outsourcing cuts into productivity too. Over half (53%) of shop owners say that outsourcing had a negative impact on their cycle times.