Wacha: ‘Being the best you that you can be’

Many around you have set New Year’s resolutions.

How about you?

As we look at the beginning of a new year, what thoughts have gone through your head? Are you just trying to get by? Or do you want to grow?

Yes, of course, we all want to grow in business because this is how we expect to make more money.

However, my question about growing is not referring to your business. It’s about you. Are you going to be the best you that you can be in 2019?

What does that even mean?

I believe it means that in 2019, you need to commit to growing YOU. You are the only person you can control, and you are the one who doubts yourself more than anyone else in your life.

Let me add if there is someone else that doubts you more than you in your life, then get him or her out! We are our worst enemy. Fear and self-doubt are the biggest thoughts that hold us back from taking that “next step” that we need to take to grow.

Only constant in life

You know change is the only constant in life. As entrepreneurs, we truly need to understand this and make sure we are the best leaders we can be. When we replace the word “change” with “improve,” it seems to take our thoughts in a more positive direction.

Take a moment to look back at all the steps you’ve taken to get where you are right here and now. Realize that you have gone through some hard times, yet you’ve accomplished so much.

Be proud of yourself!

The next step you need to take doesn’t look so bad, right?

Take this time to set goals for yourself. What can you do these next few months to invest in yourself?

I know some may view this as selfish, but what is wrong with being selfish every now and then? We are constantly giving in to everyone around us. We must learn to take time to fill up our “tank,” too, so that we can keep giving to all of those around us.

Why do you give into everyone around you and neglect the one person you are with 24/7?

Some thoughts…

What are some things you’ve thought about trying, but they seem scary?

What’s one thing you can do right now that could make tomorrow better?

What if you take some time to invest in yourself and it makes others around you improve their life too?

I challenge you to…

I know we all can come up with excuses of why we can’t accomplish different resolutions we set, but I challenge you to find the reasons why you must accomplish them.

I’d like to leave you with a quote that was shared with me a year ago regarding the mindset we should have.

“When you’re green you grow, when you’re ripe you rot.” – Carmine Grassi

It’s time…

Start right here and now focusing on how you can be the best you that you can be.

I believe in you!