Upcoming webinar: ‘Family Succession Planning’ by Federated Insurance

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Date and time:      Tuesday, February 19, 2019 1 p.m.
Central Standard Time (Chicago, GMT-06:00)
Panelist(s) Info:
     Nichole Crawford, JD, LL.M, CLU & John Jacobson, JD, CLU, CPCU
Duration:      45 minutes
     When most people hear “estate planning,” they think of planning to avoid estate taxes.
     However, for all but the very wealthiest individuals, the federal estate tax is no longer a concern (although state level estate taxes may still be an issue for some).
     There is a lot more to “estate planning” than taxes.
     That’s why “family succession planning” better describes this process, which includes decisions about who will receive which assets, when they will receive them, and who will have authority to make financial, medical and end of life decisions for you if you can’t.

  What you will learn:
*- Which taxes may impact you and your family at your death;
*- What will happen if you don’t do any planning;
*- Impact of property ownership and beneficiary designations on your plan, and
*- Importance of planning for incapacity and end of life decisions.