Uniforms Good for Business, Study Finds


Uniforms can speak volumes about a business’ operations and brand, as found by a recent study commissioned by Cintas Corporation. Cintas is an ASA sponsored benefit provider and offers special pricing on certain products to members. The survey, conducted online in January 2013 by Harris Interactive® among 2,051 adults, revealed that nearly 65 percent of U.S. adults said seeing uniformed employees has a positive impact on their perception of a company.

When asked specifically about how this impacted their perception of the company, respondents said uniformed employees, whether in retail, at home service, or beyond:

  • Improved the overall image of the company
  • Made the company feel like a safer and/or more secure place to do business
  • Demonstrated that the company cares about its employees
  • Made them more likely to do business with the company.

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