Tech Tips (by ALLDATA): Navigator’s A/C ‘inoperative’

TECH TIPS (courtesy of ALLDATA)

Vehicle: 2008 Lincoln Navigator, 2WD, V8-5.4L, automatic transmission

Mileage: 89,766

Problem: This Navigator came because the auto climate control with rear A/C stopped working.

Details: When checked, the compressor was not coming on – even when the defrosters were activated. All the fuses were good and there were no diagnostic trouble codes in any modules.

The Tech-Assist consultant suggested connecting a scan tool to make sure there was a “YES” or “ON” for the A/C Request PID when the system was activated. If so, he asked the tech to make sure there is power at the A/C relay and ground control from the PCM. If the refrigerant charge is full and everything checks out good, he would suspect a failed clutch coil.

Confirmed Repair: All the suggested tests proved out good, so the technician tested the compressor clutch coil. It was OPEN. He replaced the compressor/clutch assembly and the Lincoln was fixed.