Tech Tips (by ALLDATA): Mini Cooper lights & wipers inoperative

TECH TIPS (courtesy of ALLDATA)

Vehicle: 2008 Mini Cooper S (R56), L4-1.6L Turbo (N14), VIN WMWMF73518TV33661

Mileage: 114,261

Problem: The exterior lights and windshield wipers were not working.

Details: The customer mentioned that he regularly gets in the car with snow on his boots and the carpets get wet. When the technician connected his scan tool, he found 27 DTCs from numerous different modules: 12 from the FRM (Footwell Module), 4 from the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) Module, 5 from the JBE (Junction Box Electronics) Module, 4 from the DME (Digital Motor Electronics) Module, 1 from the CAS (Car Access System) Module, and 1 from the ACSM (Advanced Crash Safety Module).

Armed with that information, the Tech-Assist consultant recommended that the technician inspect inside the FRM first. Those modules have been notorious for having water infiltration issues. The technician removed the cover and found that water had gotten into the module and caused corrosion of the circuit board (see image).

Confirmed Repair: Replacing the FRM and reprogramming it resolved all the problems and the DTCs did not return.