Tech Tips (by ALLDATA): BMW warning light woes

TECH TIPS (courtesy of ALLDATA)

Mileage: 98,445

Problem: The customer came in because the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) warning light would come on intermittently.


The technician pulled the following DTCs:

  • CDA7 (U1129) Lost Communication with Reverse Status
  • 55C3 VTG: AWD Limp-Home Control Activated. No DSC Specified Nominal Torque
  • 55D0 Message (Steering Wheel Angle, 0xC4) Error, Receiver VTG, Transmitter DSC
  • 6EC3 DSC: Steering-Angle Sensor: Signal Invalid
  • 94B5 DSC: Steering Column Switching Centre: Internal Fault

After doing a little research on these DTCs, the technician decided to call ALLDATA Tech-Assist. The Tech-Assist consultant had seen this problem before and suggested inspecting the DSC acceleration sensor for water damage or the sensor wiring harness for being pulled to tightly, which could cause intermittent connector separation. He told the tech that the DSC acceleration sensor was located under the front passenger footwell carpet.

Confirmed Repair: The DSC Acceleration Sensor was accessed and found to be saturated with water. Upon further inspection, the tech found that the windshield cowl drains were clogged and had been routing water into the footwell. A new sensor was installed, the windshield cowl drains cleared, and the carpet and footwell was dried out. The DTCs were cleared and none returned after a test drive. Problem resolved.