Survey: Most consumers not ‘always satisfied’ with their current auto service provider

Nearly 80 percent of respondents believe that fair prices equate to good auto service, which won out against good communication, honesty, timeliness & respect.

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KENNESAW, Georgia — UpSwell, a marketing firm that specializes in helping local businesses expand their customer base, has announced the findings of its recent auto service consumer survey.

The survey provides key insights into consumer attitudes and behavior when it comes to selecting an auto service provider, and that most consumers are not always happy with their provider.

“Only 34 percent of consumers are always satisfied with their auto service provider,” said Nelson Rodenmayer, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing at UpSwell. “That means that 66 percent of consumers are potentially open to going somewhere else.”

When it comes to what constitutes good auto service, 78 percent of respondents believe that fair prices equate to good auto service, which won out against good communication, honesty, timeliness, and respect.


Another finding worth noting are the top three most enticing offers identified in the survey: free tire rotation with oil change, discounted oil change, and a loyalty program.

The survey also found that 36 percent of respondents get their car serviced two times per year. However, the older the respondent, the more likely they were to get their car serviced more often.

Another finding that varied by age was where respondents prefer to get their vehicle repairs.

Respondents between the ages of 25 – 29 preferred to go to a national repair chain more than any of the older age groups. This could be a result of young Millennials’ reliance on researching companies before using them, giving providers with a stronger online presence an advantage.

However, overall, the findings were most favorable for local repair shops, as 52 percent of people surveyed prefer to get their vehicle repairs done at a local shop while 35 percent prefer a dealer/brand specialist and 10 percent prefer national chains. This is in line with the push UpSwell has seen in recent years to support local businesses as well as the fact that consumer trust is often higher in local businesses than it is in national chains.

Another finding was that the majority, 57 percent, of respondents get their tires from a tire dealer, while 37 percent get their tires from an auto shop.

While this is good news for tire shops it can also provide motivation for auto shops to bring tire sales in house to create a more seamless customer experience and increase their sales.

The consumer auto service survey was conducted in January 2021 and included 1,071 vehicle owners in the U.S., aged 25-54. For the full survey results reach out to Visit to learn more about UpSwell’s work with auto industry clients.