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Benefit Spotlight

AutoZone Now Offers Battery, Battery Tester Program. Works concurrently with existing ASA/AutoZone rebate program.

AutoZone – a longtime benefit provider for members of the Automotive Service Association – has announced yet another benefit available to subscribers.

It’s called the ASA Member Starting and Charging Program. AutoZone is offering ASA members battery-testing equipment in exchange for AutoZone becoming a shop’s first call supplier for batteries, starters and alternators.

Basically, the program works like this: AutoZone provides a rack with signage and their new ProPower batteries – a professional line not sold over the counter at retail. The batteries have a two-year free replacement, a good selling point for customers. ASA members can offer to test a customer’s battery for free – thanks to the battery testing equipment provided by AutoZone.

Testing customers’ batteries will result in sales of needed batteries, starters and alternators. AutoZone estimates an average repair business might earn $20,000 in a year’s time as a result of offering this complimentary service.

The test equipment will include Auto Meter BVA200DLP (974190). Test equipment is “sold” to the shop owner on a tool account with extended terms (12 months). The shop owner earns $5 per qualifying product (starters, alternators and batteries) toward paying off the tester. Credit is applied on an account every calendar quarter.

AutoZone offers national account pricing with volume rebate programs. Battery racks are replenished and serviced by your local AutoZone location. To learn more, call (866) 727-5317 or email

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