Savings4Members: Making ‘saving simple, with no cost and no catch’

It only takes a few minutes to get started, but the benefit is THOUSANDS in savings!

At savings4members we are proud to make saving simple, with no cost and no catch – just a better bottom line for your business. As part of your ASA membership you are already eligible to access these vendor programs with substantial discounts to decrease the costs of commonly purchased products and services you use every day. Take a look at how members did with the programs in just 2018 alone:

The top program continues to be Sprint, which 273 members are using with a total savings of $273,548 on their wireless bills.

There are 92 members utilizing ADP Payroll and 120 members made the switch to UniFirst. By making the switch members saved over $67,000 on uniforms, work wear, logo wear, towels, mats and other shop supplies.

Finally, with a WEX Fuel Card members saved nearly $16,000 on gas and with CardConnect AIP credit card processing provided 35 members with a complimentary analysis of their current rates to save them thousands.

Why not maximize these benefits if they are available at zero cost? Visit or call 844.346.3746 to get started.