Poll: 7 in 10 Americans agree 2020 made them a ‘better person’

Happy Smiling Family With Daughters In The Car With Sea Background Picture Id1217773190From the Good News Network

According to a new survey, 74% of Americans say 2020 has made them more aware of the needs of others — and more selfless than ever before.

A poll of 2,005 Americans revealed that since March 2020, people are more often embracing the idea of neighborly love. Some examples include:

  • 87% of Americans have donated a portion of their paycheck, even though three in five experienced financial difficulties.
  • 41% have helped a stranger across the street. 38% have gone out of their way to take out their neighbor’s trash, and 31% have walked their neighbor’s dog.

And, for those who live in snowy climates, one-third have shoveled out a neighbor’s car in the past year.

In general, 72% said they found themselves caring about the health and well-being of others significantly more in the past year.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Eyes of Hope, the charitable arm of VSP Global, aimed to discover how people are dealing with the impacts of the pandemic.

“It’s been incredibly meaningful to see how the challenges of the last year have caused us to care even more for each other,” stated Pat McNeil, a spokesperson for VSP Eyes of Hope.