Official Notification of Candidates for the ASA National Board of Directors

In accordance with the bylaws of the Automotive Service Association (ASA), this announcement shall serve as official notice of the slate of candidates for three positions for the ASA board of directors – general director; mechanical division director; and collision division director. This announcement is not a ballot, but a notice of candidates only.

If you are a regular member of the association and would like to have your name placed on the official voting ballot, or if you would like to nominate another member, you may do so by following these steps:

Prepare a petition for candidacy. A petition includes the candidate’s name, shop name, address, telephone number and ASA member number.

Petitions must be completed as follows:
• A minimum of 250 signatures of ASA regular members in good standing are required per eligible
candidate. Note: Only mechanical members may vote for the Mechanical Division Director and only collision members may vote for the Collision Division Director.
• Only one candidate can be designated per petition sheet.
• A petition sheet must include the signature and printed name of the member shop representative, as well as the member number, shop name, shop address and telephone number.
• Provided information must be as listed in the ASA database.
Return petitions with a letter stating how many signatures and petition sheets are enclosed. Petitions must be sent to the Automotive Service Association, 8190 Precinct Line Road, Suite 100, Colleyville, Texas 76034, Attn: Elections. Petitions must be received no later than the close of business on Dec. 30, 2013.
The names of all candidates (that have 250 verifiable member names and information) will be placed on the voting ballot. The new board of directors will assume office after the ASA annual business meeting.

General Director


Candidate Spotlight: William P. “Bill” Moss, AAM
Business Name: EuroService Automotive Inc.
City, State: Warrenton, Va.
Years in Business: More than 14 years.
ASA Member Since: 2003
Contact Info:


William P. “Bill” Moss, AAM, believes his experience as director of ASA’s Mechanical Division gives him valuable experience to continue serving ASA on its board of directors. He also points to his six years of experience on the Mechanical Division Operations Committee.

Moss is a member of BIMRS, a nonprofit association of independent BMW service professionals dedicated to education and training, and serves on that organization’s board of directors. He also is a sponsoring member of the International Automotive Technicians’ Network (iATN).
He has attended the Congress of Automotive Repair and Service (CARS) and ASA’s national conventions since 2000.

In his own words:

“This industry has been good to me. I want to work with people that want to raise the bar for our industry. There is a lot we can do to help shops be more professional and profitable.

I am open-minded, diplomatic and hard working. I work well with a team and I have experience in a variety of shop sizes. I have been associated with companies as small as two people to companies employing 40 people.

“I have worked in the automotive industry for almost 30 years. From tech to owner, I have a variety of experience in the mechanical side of our industry.”

Collision Division Director


Candidate Spotlight: Daniel A. “Dan” Stander, AAM (Incumbent)
Business Name: Fix Auto Highlands Ranch
City, State: Littleton, Colo.
Years in Business: 30 years
ASA Member Since: 1986
Contact Info:


Daniel A. “Dan” Stander, AAM, believes his experience as director of ASA’s Collision Division qualifies him to continue serving ASA on its board of directors. He also points to his seven years of service on the Collision Division Operations Committee.

On the state level, Stander has served as president of ASA Colorado’s Collision Division and on the state organization’s board of directors.
On the local level, he has served as president of its collision division and on the local organization’s board of directors.
Stander has attended the International Autobody Congress & Exposition (NACE) every year since 2007. He also has attended six national conventions and eight state conventions of the association.

In his own words:

“I believe my personality, my willingness to listen openly to ideas and opinions and my attitude are assets within my character that lend well to my ability to work and debate positively with people inside and outside of the industry. My shop management and estimating experience keep me close to the pulse of the industry.

“I also believe my prior experiences as a member of the ASA Collision Division Operations Committee and the ASA Colorado board of directors have given me association and industry knowledge, along with an opportunity to be mentored by individuals both respected by myself and others working in mechanical and collision repair businesses. I am always open to others’ opinions and will always do my best for the good of our industry.”

Mechanical Division Director,/h3>


Candidate Spotlight: Robert M. “Bob” Wills, AAM
Business Name: Wills Auto Service
City, State: Battle Creek, Mich.
Years in Business: 40 years
ASA Member Since: 1981
Contact Info:

Robert M. “Bob” Wills, AAM, believes his experience as an ASA general director and service as a member of ASA’s executive committee give him the qualifications to continue serving ASA on the board of directors. He also points to his service as a member of ASA’s Mechanical Division Operations Committee for six years and as a member of the association’s Government Affairs Committee for four years.

On the state level, Wills has served as Mechanical Division director, chairman-elect, chairman, past chairman and regional director of ASA-Michigan.
On the local level, he has served as president of the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek chapter of ASA.
In 2007, at ASA’s annual convention, Wills received the Alpha Award. The Alpha Award recognizes an ASA Mechanical Division member for his or her generous and far-reaching contributions to the automotive service industry.

Wills has attended the Congress of Automotive Repair and Service (CARS) for the past 10 years. He also has attended five national conventions.

In his own words:

“I am a person of dedication and commitment, a believer in our industry and want to continue supporting ASA as the leading organization for our industry. I maintain an open mind and always try to decide what the best direction is to be followed. My 43 years in the industry has prepared me for my leadership role.”