News BriefsJanuary 2014

Shop Owner Elected 2014 NASTF Chair

Allen Pennebaker, owner of Orinda Motors of Orinda, Calif., an ASA member-shop, was elected the 2014 chairperson of the NASTF board of directors, the first independent shop owner to chair NASTF since its founding in 2000. Congratulations!


Pennebaker has served on the NASTF board for many years, representing the Automotive Service Council of California. Changes to the NASTF bylaws were made last year, allowing for industrywide nominations and open elections, which were effective January. 1.

Other NASTF board members elected to 2014 officer positions include: Steve Douglas, director, Environmental Affairs for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers as vice chair; and John Lypen, director of industry relations for Motor Information Systems as treasurer/secretary. Charlie Gorman, executive manager of the Equipment & Tool Institute becomes the immediate past chair.

The new bylaws encourage industrywide diversity for the NASTF leadership, specifying a minimum number of individuals to represent business types in eight categories. Four new members were elected to the NASTF board of directors filling four vacancies in four of those categories.
Donny Seyfer, AAM, co-owner of Seyfer Automotive and ASA chairman-elect, was added to complete the minimum of three independent technician/shop owner positions and will serve with Pennebaker and Bill Moss, AAM, owner of EuroService Automotive, and ASA Mechanical Division director, who were re-elected to terms in this category. To read the full press release, visit

ASA-Ohio Supports Mechanical Shop Registration Legislation

Ohio state Sen. Joe Uecker (R-14), along with Sens. Edna Brown (D-11), Tom Patton (R-24) and Peggy Lehner (R-6), recently introduced Ohio Senate Bill 232, legislation establishing a mechanical shop registration program in their state. The bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor.

Joe Sanfillipo

Joe Sanfillipo

Ohio Senate Bill 232 extends the jurisdiction of the Motor Vehicle Repair Board to anyone who performs mechanical repairs on motor vehicles, requires motor vehicle repair facilities to register with the board, creates the Motor Vehicle Repair Operator Vendor’s License Suspension Fund, makes changes to the Motor Vehicle Repair and Window Tint Operator Law, and dissolves the existing Motor Vehicle Repair Board and replaces it with a new board of the same name.

“Mechanical” is defined as “Any original manufacturer equipment or aftermarket systems or parts designed for use in or on a motor vehicle, including the drive- and power-train, engine, transmission, suspension, steering, brakes, illumination system, heating and cooling system, air conditioning, climate controls, exhaust, fuel, ignition, starting and charging, lubrication, tires, driver and passenger restraint systems, vehicle anti-theft and security systems.”

“Mechanical repair” is defined as “Any alteration or maintenance, diagnostic or repair service procedures that are performed on and affect or potentially affect the operation of a motor vehicle.”

Joe Sanfillipo, ASA-Ohio past president and current board member, said: “We have been very pleased with our state collision shop registration bill and ASA believes the next step is to put in place a mechanical shop registration law for the state of Ohio. We encourage repairers to contact their state legislators asking that they support this bill.”

To view the text of this bill in its entirety, visit the Automotive Service Association’s legislative website at www.TakingThe