Motor Press Guild honors Carm Capriotto

Carm Capriotto, host of AutoInc.’s popular podcast, AutoInc. Audio and owner of Remarkable Results Radio, was honored recently by the Motor Press Guild at its annual industry awards celebration. The ceremony, which took place Feb. 11 in Los Angeles, is an event designed to inspire automotive journalists, both present and future, to produce high-caliber work in eight specific categories.

Those categories include feature articles, news stories, vehicle reviews (in both print and video format), books, audio programs, video features and photography.

Capriotto’s award was in the category of Best Audio of 2017 for his interview with the so-called “Mustang Man,” Giuliano Zuccato. Giuliano is known for being one of the modelers whose clay rendition was used to create the iconic 1964 Mustang.