Is Your Bank Taking Advantage of You? Let’s Find Out!


It’s easy to think you are getting the best rates possible with your local bank, but how do you really know?

Are you getting the best security with your processor or are you getting hit with additional fees by processing in an unsecure environment?

Through savings4members, CardConnect AIP offers ASA members an easy-to-understand pricing model with unbeatable customer service that has contributed to less than a 1 percent attrition rate.

Let them be your second set of eyes by sending them a copy of your most recent credit card processing statement.

They will analyze them to make sure you are not only getting the best rates possible, but also in the most secure environment to give you the best value for your business.

Members who made the switch to CardConnect AIP are saving an average of $7,200 a year.  Don’t wait get your no-obligation cost savings analysis today!

To get started all you need to do is follow one of these three quick & easy steps:

  1. Contact Len Bowers, your dedicated savings4members Savings Consultant, at 603-626-2178
  2. E-mail your current statements to
  3. Fax him your current statements to 603.628.2374