Hyper Gear!

You’ve probably felt one before. A company where the atmosphere’s electric. A place where everyone seems energetically locked together in spirit to accomplish something great. Versus other places that are dull. With dull people simply enduring their days at work to go away and do something else.

Where is yours on the continuum? More importantly, to what can we attribute the difference? Are you sitting?

It’s you!

The person in The Job At The Top. And more specifically, it’s how you handle yourself. At work and away. It arises from the level of discipline you apply to maintaining the consistency of your personal character. And it’s a far more dominant determinant of business success than most people imagine.

People who are the best at this come across as authentic. Easy to understand. Predictable. Anchored to principles that everyone admires. Principles they can count on to be protected. By you. Regardless of the circumstances.

And how do you convey these attributes? Through the tiniest details of your everyday behavior. And through your constancy during the gravest moments of truth. People are watching you, again more carefully than you’d ever imagine, for confirmatory signals of your character. At both of these extremes. And everywhere else in between. As their basis for deciding to entrust you with their loyalty, their respect, their hopes and their passions.

Sound difficult? It’s not. If you learn to pay scrupulous attention to how you are being perceived. And if you can look at yourself through the lens of brutally honest self-assessment. In time alone with no phone, no email, no text, no interruption.

In those times alone, start listing the things you’ve done over the past few days to inspire people to be the best they can be. By trusting and admiring you. Before long, those will start taking precedence in your behavior, involuntarily. Your organization will recognize them. They will find subtle ways to let you know they appreciate the results of your attentions. Continue and they will become more committed. More effective. And, eventually, will begin emulating you more, and “infecting” others with their zeal for you.

And you’ll be doing a better Job At The Top.