Hearing: Being ‘smarter’ about investments in technologies to help reduce emissions

The U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy held a hearing on “The Next Mile: Technology Pathways to Accelerate Sustainability Within the Transportation Sector.”

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In his opening statement, U.S. Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA) – the subcommittee’s chairman – emphasized that “transportation is vital to our everyday lives,” and the purpose of the hearing was to discuss how to “be smarter about our investments in technologies that can help reduce emissions in this sector.”

U.S. Rep. & Ranking Member Randy Weber’s (R-TX) opening statement further emphasized the need for a conversation about sustainable transportation and H.R. 2170, the Vehicle Innovation Act of 2019, which would provide additional funding for Department of Energy vehicle research activity and research to reduce or eliminate vehicle emissions or petroleum usage.

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Witnesses, in testimonies, highlighted the importance of transforming our forms of mobility into affordable, and energy efficient options, such as electric vehicles and optimizing alternative fuel options. Witnesses also discussed how the U.S. can better utilize our energy resources to benefit our national security, climate change, and increase the efficiency of American lives and that these start with upgrading our modes of transportation.


  • Ann M. Schlenker, Director, Center for Transportation Research, Argonne National Laboratory
  • James Chen, Vice President of Public Policy, Rivian Automotive LLC
  • Brooke Coleman, Executive Director, Advanced Biofuels Business Council
  • Claus Daniel, Director, Sustainable Transportation Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Tim Cortes, Vice President of Hydrogen Energy Systems, Plug Power Inc.

Alexandra Moyer serves as a Legislative Analyst for the Automotive Service Association. She has worked on Capitol Hill over the past year, in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Republican National Committee. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Alexandra earned a B.S. in Political Science from Towson University.