Exciting Announcement from Elite Worldwide! Darrin Barney Takes the Reigns as New Owner!

Darrin Barney

Darrin Barney

As of January 1, 2023, Elite Worldwide is under new ownership. Bob and Karen Cooper have decided that they are ready to pass the torch to former VP of Operations Darrin Barney, who is happy to continue to carry it on as the new President and Owner. Elite has become a global leader in the automotive industry for over 32 years and is known for its ethics-based training and principles. As a result, Elite has helped countless automotive professionals elevate their careers while enriching their lives. Darrin Barney, with his wife Ginger, are committed to continuing Elite’s legacy based on a culture of integrity, ethics, and never putting money ahead of people.

Barney and Elite have a lot of exciting things planned for the company, the automotive industry, and shop owners moving forward. Barney states, “I have been a shop owner myself for over 20 years, and the teachings that Bob Cooper and the Elite family have taught have changed my life. I am here to help continue that path of serving and helping others. We will continue doing this with our Top Shop 360 Coaching Program, Pro Service Peer Group, Master’s Service Advisor Course, Fly With The Eagles Shop Management Course, and other exciting programs.

“I personally have seen the changes that good training and coaching can do for a business and for one’s personal life. I am living proof. My brother and I have always known how to take care of people and fix cars, but we didn’t know how to run a business. When we partnered with Elite, all of that changed. We got with a great coach who taught us all that we were missing. He helped us fill in the missing pieces and turn our business into something truly special and profitable. I believe in Elite and what we teach; I saw what it did for my family. I watched my life change and how it changed for my employees. So, when the opportunity came up for me to assume the role of President and CEO, I took it. I want to help those shop owners who were just like me.”

Elite Logo Clear Background 1While Darrin Barney’s story has its roots in what Elite has done for him, his family, and his business, his vision for the future is clear; To utilize his team of industry experts and continue to help all automotive professionals prosper, reach their goals, and advance the automotive industry.

For more information, visit www.eliteworldwide.com or call 1-800-204-3548.