Dynamic Training at JTech Institute in Jacksonville, Fla.

Florida Training PhotoASA shop owners and technicians showed up in big numbers recently ready for a Saturday of classroom and hands-on training.  Many thanks to our industry partners Darin Damron, Danielle Reagan Wampler and Robert Steele. Your support of independent automotive shops is priceless.

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Darin Damron from Jasper says: “What a wonderful event at JTECH. We need a pandemic of your passion and support for the industry to spread. Multiple attendees reached out to say thank you for inviting them to the impressive training they received. Many shop owners have moved away from training due to being busy or short-handed. To me that’s like not doing preventative maintenance on your car. It may run for a little while, but eventually it will catch up to you.”

Shout Out to our ASA members whose contributions gave a JTech student the opportunity to join shop owners and technicians as they learned from some of the best in our industry. Thank you Rick White, Mike Cleary, Eric Ziegler, John Barclay and Paul Louwers for sharing your expertise and dedication.