CCC announces launch of new data exchange

CCC Information Services, a Chicago-based software-as-a-service provider for the automotive, insurance and collision repair industries, recently launched CCC X, a new data exchange that helps convert connected data into actionable information and makes it available for use across the CCC network.

According to the company, CCC X can aggregate and normalize connected data from a variety of sources, including beacons, dongles, mobile applications, fleet and professional devices and connected cars. CCC X then can pass this data to customers on the CCC network through software-driven workflows that serve the automotive ecosystem.

Data accessed via CCC X also can be integrated into existing insurer business operations for UBI programs, underwriting, increased claims automation and more. Similarly, it can be integrated into software services for repairers on the CCC network.

“The true value of connected data,” said Mac Fraser, CCC’s general manager of Telematics, “is rooted in what you can do with it. Unlike other exchanges, CCC X enables customers to put connected data to work. It works in conjunction with the CCC ONE platform, where data is enriched, becomes more meaningful, is easily shared with users who value it and can then be deployed into real-life experiences for our customers and the consumers they support.”