Car mechanics in California county will now come to your workplace to save you hassle

MOBI Automotive provides mobile mechanic service.

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — MOBI Automotive provides high quality, affordable auto repair services at the convenience of their customers.

Although not a new concept, there is little public knowledge of mobile mechanic services, costing locals valuable time and money.

With services like this, customers can call expert mechanics from their work or home to come out and do a full service inspection or receive car service on-site.

“We’re proud to introduce MOBI. I realized that when I had this idea that we wouldn’t be the first to market in on-demand mobile mechanics. However, I thought that we could provide our customers real value in that MOBI is a fully comprehensive service for all your automotive service and repair needs,” said MOBI founder, Enrique Bellini. “MOBI is untethered by the limitations of only mobile mechanic services, such as oil changes and battery replacements. Our end goal is to bring to you white glove automotive service and repair, at the touch of a button.”

Along with inspections, MOBI Automotive offers full scale auto services, including things like body and engine repairs, on-site oil changes, brake jobs, and engine failure diagnosis.

The process is simple — call to make an appointment, a personal mechanic will come to the desired location, a diagnosis will be made, and the car will either be serviced on-site or taken (for free) to a trusted partner auto repair shop.

Once the service is complete, the car will also be delivered back free of charge.

About MOBI Automotive
MOBI Automotive is a local mobile mechanic service available to the Greater San Diego area, aimed at achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction through the entire auto repair process. Backed with over 25 years of experience in the industry, MOBI provides customers with experienced, trusted mechanics, with the added convenience of mobility.

This full service enterprise allows customers to request services like an engine diagnosis or oil change on-site at their home or work place. Armed with a network of trusted repair centers, in addition to their very own flagship repair facility, MOBI Automotive is changing what it means for customers that don’t have the time to take their vehicle for an inspection or repair.