Automotive Service Association says the transition to electric vehicles will be a challenge

From WENY News

By Elise Kline


ALBANY, NY (WENY)– As New York State transitions to electric vehicles, the auto service industry will have to adjust to changes including repair services and charging infrastructure.


The Automotive Service Association (ASA) said these adjustments will be a challenge, but not impossible.

“You are going to see a lot of for-profit, non-profit training initiatives over the next few years in preparation for these new electric fleets,” said Bob Redding, Automotive Service Association Washington, D.C. Representative.

Redding added that ASA will be a part of these efforts. He also said local shops across the nation are working on training their technicians to work with electric vehicles.

The California Clean Resources Board requires all new electric vehicles to have what is called an OBD-II port. Redding highlighted that ASA is currently watching closely to push for this same element in New York State as it will be a tremendous help, he said.

An OBD-II port stands for on-board diagnostics and it essentially gives the vehicle owner or the repair technician access to the status and information about the vehicle and it’s sub-systems.

In addition to training, Redding added the other challenge with this initiative is funding. He said this will be difficult particularly as states like New York navigate electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

“It’s going to require much more than just the federal investment there’s no questions about it,” he said.