ASA urges veto override for  New Hampshire OEM repair procedure legislation

ASA asks repairers to contact state legislators encouraging override vote for HB 664.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sept. 17, 2019 – ASA is asking New Hampshire repairers to contact state lawmakers and urge them to override Gov. Chris Sununu’s recent veto of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) repair procedures legislation.

Gov. Sununu vetoed House Bill 664 this summer. HB 664 addresses OEM repair procedures for collision repairs. ASA supports this legislation.
(To send a letter to your state legislators in support of overriding Gov. Sununu’s veto, CLICK HERE.)

Gov. Chris Sununu

According to HB 664, insurers shall reimburse repairers if a repair procedure from an OEM includes the need for additional operations such as pre- and post-scans, calibration, or diagnostic test of the vehicles systems. However, HB 664 excludes glass repair and replacement when done by a glass company.

Gov. Sununu says HB 664 would raise auto insurance premiums “by limiting the ability of insurers to negotiate what is reasonable in the repair process” and stagnate, what is, an already competitive market between small independent repair shops.

Bob Redding, ASA’s Washington, D.C. representative

ASA Washington, D.C. representative Bob Redding recently submitted comments to the New Hampshire Senate to reiterate ASA’s position in support.

“The original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) repair procedures are the logical repair processes to be followed,” Redding said in his comments. “To be clear, ASA does not support the use of OEM parts only. ASA’s interest is in requiring the industry to adhere to a set of repair procedures that assure the best opportunity for vehicle safety on our highways.

“House Bill 664 calls for vehicle repair standards that should be an accepted, standard practice in the collision industry.”

Additionally, Redding said, the bill’s language recognizes policymakers’ interest in providing for scanning as part of the repair process. ASA has emphasized the importance of pre- and post-scans in the collision repair process.

When repairing a vehicle after a collision, it is crucial that the vehicle is returned to the owner with the same operational functionality as prior to the collision. By following OEM repair procedures, repair facilities are ensuring that a vehicle is prepared in the safest, most efficient process possible. HB 664 addresses these issues.

To view Gov. Sununu’s reasoning for vetoing HB 664, CLICK HERE.

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