ASA Shops Gain New Resources to Educate Customers on Importance of Car Care 

New videos on ADAS and brake replacement parts equip mechanical and collision shops to help educate customers on their car care decisions.

ADAS & Brake Replacement Parts Video SnapshotAs part of October’s Be Car Care Aware Month, ASA is offering its member-shops several new resources – including valuable videos – to help educate consumers on the importance of car care. To access the videos, visit ASA’s Consumer Resource section on its website by CLICKING HERE. 

ASA released the new videos to educate consumers on the importance of scanning and calibration regarding ADAS and also brake replacement parts. More videos will be released throughout the month in celebration of Car Care Month.

“By providing these new resources to our members, we want to arm them with information and the educational tools they need to help their customers make more informed decisions on repairs and service. Beyond just telling their customers, these resources are showing them. We hope our shops will use the videos to promote greater safety and driving confidence,” said Ray Fisher, AMAM, ASA president. 

In addition, ASA is offering a unique branding opportunity to its member-shops. ASA shops can receive a marketing flyer customized with their shop logo and contact information to share with visitors to their shop. To request a copy of the flyer, CLICK HERE. The flyer provides helpful vehicle care tips concerning:

  • Safety
  • Visibility
  • Traction
  • Performance 

“Our member-shops love this branding opportunity because they are getting a professional and helpful marketing piece completely free. They can use the flyer to educate their customers on how driveability and safety can be impacted as the seasons change,” said Blair Calvo, vice president of regional services. “By providing all of these resources, our member-shops can serve as their customers’ partners in making the best decision possible. We look forward to providing even more resources like this in the future.”

Additional information about Car Care Month is available at