ASA-National announces exciting changes for ASA-Midwest

Major changes are underway for ASA-Midwest. The second-largest affiliate in ASA will be restructured. That includes hiring a new executive director to oversee an operation comprised of four states: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Arkansas and Oklahoma will no longer be a part of ASA-Midwest.

The reduced administrative expense and a shift to a more virtual environment of meetings and member services is one of the many benefits resulting from these changes. The changes will go into effect Oct. 1, 2018.

“The changes will allow us to better serve a broader base of members in these states,” said ASA President Dan Risley. “Hopefully it will garner an increase in participation as we move to a more virtual means to communicate regularly among the board of directors, staff and membership.”

If you would like additional information regarding the structural changes of ASA-Midwest or have any other questions, please contact Risley by email at

Shop owners in Oklahoma or Arkansas who are interested in participating and assisting with the formation of a state association can contact ASA Vice President Tony Molla at