Anti-vehicle safety inspection program bill narrowly defeated on WV House floor

House votes 50-48 to stop legislation opposed by ASA.

West Virginia State Capital Picture Id697281932WASHINGTON, D.C. – Feb. 26, 2020 – In a 50-48 vote, the West Virginia House of Delegates defeated House Bill 4639, which would have changed the motor vehicle safety inspection from every year to every two years.

ASA opposed the Delegate Larry Kump-introduced legislation, including sending a letter to Kump and West Virginia House Speaker Roger Kanshaw.

“The benefits of these regular motor vehicle inspection programs in relation to saving lives, preventing injuries and damage to property has been proven by third party analysts,” ASA Washington, D.C. representative Bob Redding said in a letter to the House of Delegates.

Bob Redding

Redding said altering the program from every year to every two years would “place the motoring public at risk and hurt small businesses.”

West Virginia is one of 15 states that still have a periodic motor vehicle inspection program designed to protect the motoring public. ASA opposes the elimination of state vehicle safety inspections and believes these programs prove to benefit the motoring public. Regular safety inspections by a qualified technician can identify and repair most safety issues arising from normal wear and tear on the vehicle.

Redding said the motoring public needs “more assurance, not less, that the vehicles they meet on West Virginia’s highways are as safe as possible.”

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