Affiliate executive director touts representation in nation’s capital

ASA-Michigan leader Ray Fisher isn’t shy about magnifying the intangible benefit of ASA having representation in Washington, D.C.

And now, Fisher said it is more important than ever, especially as vehicle manufacturers are beginning to mandate repair procedures, equipment and certification requirements due to the sensitivity of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems and other safety components that the industry is being exposed to.

“The industry needs that voice again, and we are the only association that has a track record of success for this task,” Fisher said. “Not always is it about creating more legislation, it often becomes a voice to prevent it, so that our independent automotive repair facility owner can continue their success!”

Two decades ago, Fisher said the association ensured vehicle manufacturer information was “available to you from various software platforms as it should be.”

“Imagine if we hadn’t been your voice in Washington, D.C., to accomplish this?” Fisher said.

Robert L. Redding Jr. has had much success representing ASA in the nation’s capitol over the years and continues to do so on its behalf, Fisher said.