24th Annual Shop Management Software Guide

About this Year’s Guide


Much is new this year about AutoInc.’s 24th annual Shop Management Software Guide. As always, though, the Guide is designed to give readers an overview of the shop management software systems on the market today and the features they offer.

What’s new this year is that the Shop Management Software Guide starts in our October issue (it’s usually in the July issue). Also, the 2014 Software Guide has been restructured into two parts. The first part – which follows – gives you an overview of the various shop management systems available. Part 2 – to be published in the November issue – will include the popular charts of mechanical and collision shop management software companies and, as usual, side-by-side comparisons of features.

Seventeen mechanical software companies and five collision software companies participated in Part 1. Each participant was asked for a 75-word description of what distinguishes their software from others on the market.

The Shop Management Soft­ware Guide issue is the most requested of the year. AutoInc. is the only trade magazine that devotes this much coverage to shop management software programs on a regular basis.

AutoInc. thanks all of this year’s participants! And if you didn’t get to participate in Part 1, then there is always Part 2. Contact leonad@asashop.org right away to participate.

Shop owners have told us that the Software Guide, which shows comparisons of product features, is a tremendous help when they start looking for a shop management software system.

If your company is a provider of shop management software for automotive service and collision repair businesses, and you would like to be a part of the Software Guide for 2015, please send your request by email to leonad@asashop.org.

Click here to download the Mechanical Software Guide.
Click here to download the Collision Software Guide.