Top 10 Websites

Top 10 Automotive Repair Websites

Who May Enter

Any ASA member-shop who is currently a member in good standing and has a website for their shop.

Contest History & Objective

For more than 20 years, AutoInc. magazine has set out to find the very best shop websites. Since its inception, AutoInc.’s annual Top 10 Automotive Repair Websites contest has served as a guide to help shop owners understand the capabilities of the internet in the automotive repair industry.

Each year, AutoInc. reviews hundreds of websites and narrows the field to what we consider the best 10. Our goal is to help other shops employ this powerful tool and show them how fellow shop owners use the web to improve productivity, enhance marketing programs and, ultimately, increase their businesses’ bottom lines.

General Guidelines:

  • Contest submissions will be accepted between June 18-August 1, 2018.
  • Online form must be completed in its entirety by the primary contact for the business submitting the entry.
  • Shops that have won in the previous year (2017) are not eligible to enter unless they have had a site redesign during the previous 12 months.


Each qualifying entry will be judged based on the following criteria: (1) Mobile-friendly and mobile ready (2) Call to action (3) First impression/visual design (4) Objective/purpose (5) Consumer friendliness (6) Technical (7) Credibility (8) Social media presence


A panel of three experienced individuals will serve as judges for this year’s contest.

Winner Notification:

Winners will be notified by email after Oct. 1, 2018.


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