Warning: Bad do-it-yourself car repairs are causing deaths

By Jessica Yun / Yahoo Finance

Most deaths occurred when people worked beneath cars. (Photo: Getty)

The consumer watchdog is warning Australians to be extra careful with do-it-yourself car repair jobs, stating that around 120 Aussies have died from DIY car repair accidents, with hundreds more hospitalized from injuries.

“Tragically, many people, including some experienced mechanics, have been crushed and killed while working under their car,” said Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Deputy Chair Mick Keogh.


ASA Executive Director Ray Fisher issued the following statement to auto repair shops after reading this article:

“An article that you may want to share with your customers who say ‘they’re just going to do it themselves.’ Feel free to print. Ask your customer, ‘How much do you think you can save to offset the life of someone you know or love?’ Remind them as a professional your team is educated to work safely, provided the equipment to maintain their safety, and in the end, expertise to repair the vehicle safely. ‘Please leave your repairs to a professional like us.'”