OEM repair procedures legislation: Attempt to override veto narrowly fails in New Hampshire

New Hampshire lawmakers, during a special veto session Wednesday, declined to override Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of ASA-backed OEM (original equipment manufacturer) repair procedures legislation.

Proponents failed to garner the necessary two-thirds vote needed in the state’s House of Representatives for the veto override of HB 664, as 241 voted in favor and 132 voted against. Seven more votes were needed for the override.

Bob Redding, ASA’s Washington, D.C. representative

“The New Hampshire veto override vote was close,” said Bob Redding, ASA’s Washington, D.C. representative. “ASA is disappointed in the final outcome but will continue to advocate for states to implement requirements for the use of OEM repair procedures.

“ASA appreciates those New Hampshire legislators who continue to seek protections for consumers and collision repairers through the use of OEM repair procedures.”

ASA had asked New Hampshire repairers to contact state lawmakers and urge them to override Gov. Sununu’s recent veto of HB 664. HB 664 addressed OEM repair procedures for collision repairs.

Gov. Chris Sununu

According to HB 664, insurers would have been required to reimburse repairers if a repair procedure from an OEM included the need for additional operations such as pre- and post-scans, calibration, or diagnostic test of the vehicles systems. HB 664 excluded glass repair and replacement when done by a glass company.

Gov. Sununu previously said  HB 664 would raise auto insurance premiums “by limiting the ability of insurers to negotiate what is reasonable in the repair process” and stagnate, what is, an already competitive market between small independent repair shops.